Varkala Day Tours | One Day Sightseeing Tour from Varkala Beach

Varkala  Sightseeing Day Tours:- Book day tours- Kerala Travel Boutique Tours

Poovar Island Backwater Tour   [ 6 hours]

It’s really a unique experience to see the serene backwater with beautiful trees and some pretty endangered species around! The golden sand beach where the sea and backwater connect with each other is a worth visiting area! One should not miss Poovar backwater cruise if you are visiting Kerala.

Sunset Cruise at Poovar Island and Golden Sand Beach [ 6 hours]

Watch a beautiful sunset and golden sands beach on this Poovar cruise.

Varkala  Sightseeing Day Tours :-Elephant Ride And Bath Tour [ 5 hours]

Great place for a one day trip – Visting elephant sanctuary

Varkala  Sightseeing Day Tours Day Tour Ponmudi Hillstation  [ 7 hours]

A full one-day trip through some of the mesmerizing sights of and en-route Ponmudi hills- Day Tour Ponmudi Hill Station Trivandrum

Ponmudi Hill Station (Kerala) –  some of the most popular attractions nearby Ponmudi: Kallar Waterfalls. Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary.

One Day Sightseeing Tour of Trivandrum[ 8 hours]

Top Places to Visit in Trivandrum, Kerala: Trivandrum attractions.

Varkala Day Tour :-Sun Rise Tour To Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin)[ 12 hours]

See Amazing Morning Sunrise in Kanyakumari

Varkala Day Tour :-Kanyakumari Day Tour (Cape Comorin) [ 12 hours]

One day trip from Poovar :-  Places to Visit in Kanyakumari in One Day | Kanyakumari Attractions- One day trip to Kanyakumari

Day Houseboat Cruise And Munroe Island Village Tour [ 07 hours]

House Boat Services in Varkala: Varkala to Alleppey Private Overnight Houseboat Cruise

 Varkala  Day Tours:- Book day tours- Kerala Travel Boutique Tours

We arrange one day Group tours and Private Tours from Varkala Beach. These are conducted tours with a tour guide. This includes city tours ,Varkala Beach to kanyakumari one day tour ,Varkala Beach to Poovar backwater tours,Varkala Beach to ponmudi hillstation tours,Varkala Beach day houseboat cruise,village life experience tours etc.

Varkala Day Tours | One Day Sightseeing Tour from Varkala Beach